mercoledì 18 aprile 2012

Nel nome di Spartaco

Eh sì. Da tanto tempo mi ero ripromesso di raccontare la fantastica storia dello Spartak Mosca. E finalmente ho trovato l'occasione. Oggi ricorrono esattamente 90 anni dalla prima partita ufficiale da quella che, già ai tempi dell'Unione Sovietica, era chiamata la "squadra del popolo".

domenica 15 aprile 2012

Death in the Afternoon


I have never written articles on this website using words such as “I think”, “in my opinion” or “personally speaking”. Well, there is always a first time, allegedly. This post may look like an editorial, rather than a news article, though. Or it might be a hybrid.

As long as we are would-be journalists, we have to report what happens around us. Regardless of its sadness or harshness, news has to be given. Almost consequently, it was unavoidable to report the tragic end of Piermario Morosini, a 25-year-old footballer who collapsed on the pitch while he was playing in the Italian Serie B match between Pescara and Livorno, his side. Only half-a-hour had passed when he started to feel sick. He desperately tried to stand on his feet, but he fell onto the ground. He has died of heart attack.

On the other hand, this drama raises various questions, it enlightens different views towards football and sports, invites us to reflect. The memory of what happened to Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba less than one month ago is still vivid; his heart temporarily ceased to beat during a match against Tottenham, but then it started again. Not the same happened in the case of Morosini.